Mr. Free Miles Is Merging With The Faraway Guide!

As a brand new addition to The Faraway Guide, I am extremely excited to join this amazing website. After earning over 2,300,000 miles, traveling to 45 countries and reaching 10,000 unique monthly visitors at Mr. Free Miles, I am looking forward to enhancing and expanding the content even more.

Below is the post I blasted out to my readers earlier today:

Yes, that's right - after building a readership of over 10,000 unique visitors per month, I'm joining forces with The Faraway Guide.

Specifically, I will be managing a "Points & Miles" section of their site, meaning all the content from Mr. Free Miles will be available there. These changes go into effect later this week.

Summary of changes

A few things are changing with minimal impacts to readers:

  1. I will keep writing about the same topics. I think that's the first thing that should be stated. If you follow my website and like the content, keep following me at TFG.
  2. Domain redirects. The domain will redirect to All old posts and content will redirect to the same content at TFG.
  3. RSS feed will be changing from to If you want to subscribe only to "Points & Miles" topics, the RSS feed will change to
  4. The weekly newsletter will continue to be sent Monday mornings, now with all TFG content. In the near future, emails will continue to come from my @mrfreemiles email address.
  5. No more Tools page. Well, sort of. I broke down all of the useful phone numbers, award charts and downloadable forms into a series of blog posts to be posted in the next several weeks. So the content exists on one soon-to-be-published page. Sit tight in the meantime. 
  6. Blog categories and tags will change. This is a minor change, but worth noting. I will still have airline, hotel and bank tags to search content by a specific company. 

Why change?

I mentioned being above the 10,000 unique visitor mark, which is growing at a rapid rate. But there are a few reasons for the change, that I hope will help explain my motives:

  1. More focused content. As a staff of one, it is difficult writing about everything I would like to. Managing a website is a full-time job - writing is just the fun part. Some points sites have staffs in the double-digits and millions of unique visitors a month. They can pay for editors and content managers, whereas I have to pick my spots. TFG will expand my reach and simultaneously allow me to focus more on great content.
  2. Better design. Nothing needs to be said here - just take a look at the TFG homepage and you will understand why. It is cleaner and more accessible to readers. 
  3. The name. Friends, family and readers have been calling me "Mr. Free Miles" for well over a year now. The name stuck, for better or for worse. As my writing evolved though, I began broadening my scope to include non-miles posts. TFG is the natural expansion from that: all the points & miles topics, with more room to grow.
  4. More fun. Sometimes websites get a little full of themselves - seeing tens of thousands (or hundreds, or millions) on an analytics report can do that. The reason I started a website was that I thought it would be fun to share the tips & tricks that helped me out so much in my travels. That reason has not changed - only amplified with more time, more content, and now more readers.

Useful links

Below are some of the useful links to be aware of. These will all be live on July 1.

  1. Home:
  2. Blog (All):
  3. Blog (Points & Miles Only):
  4. Credit Card Deals:
  5. Getting Started Guide:
  6. Award Tools:
  7. Flight-Related Posts:
  8. Hotel-Related Posts:
  9. Search:

And...that's it! As always, I love hearing from readers so let me know what you think of the changes - either here or over at TFG.