How I Got Upgraded To The Royal Suite At The Conrad Samui For Free

        Photo Courtesy of the Conrad Koh Samui

        Photo Courtesy of the Conrad Koh Samui


The Conrad Koh Samui

This stunning hotel is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen, let alone stayed. It might even surpass the likes of Santorini and Cayman islands. As one of the top Conrad Hilton’s in the world, this relatively new location is perched up a mountain overlooking the west side of Samui along the Thai Gulf. Every room is a private villa complete with infinity pool and ocean view that goes on for days. The most standard villas are roughly $770 a night –and a standard villa here is more like a grand suite given the size and view.

conrad samui

So Kyle and I have the perfect strategy for budget traveling on our trip. We pay for places that are relatively cheap and “splurge” on nice hotels every now and then. The difference in our “splurging” is that we actually pay for nothing. How you might ask? Using points and miles. I may be the luckiest girl alive to be traveling with the credit card savvy Mr Free Miles – an expert on using credit card bonuses to maximize points and miles. Kyle (MFM) worked at Visa for years and understands the credit card system far beyond your average Joe. Having learned some of his ways, I signed up for the HHonors Reserve card, awarding me with 2 free nights at any Hilton in the world along with Gold member status. 

conrad samui

So with these two precious nights we booked a weekend at the Conrad Samui. Ahh what an amazing way to break up some of the less nice places we have been staying in Thailand. Switching off from budget to luxury seems to be an epic theme of our trip. It keeps us grounded and appreciative while refreshed and excited.

conrad samui pool

As a Gold member of Hilton, you automatically get upgraded a notch if available. We got upgraded from a water front pool villa (spectacular I am sure) to the "ocean view retreat pool villa". Our room was ridiculous. 


To make things a little more ridiculous as a Gold member you get to pick from a bag of “perks” upon arrival. They look like little rolled up messages in tiny colorful tubes. I was so excited to get to our villa in that glorious lobby I didn’t really understand and just grabbed one. Well the stars were aligned because I picked an upgrade to their finest Royal suite. Stoked! It was for just one night but still, awesome. We stayed in the original upgraded villa the first night then moved to the royal suite the second night.


Heaven. On. Earth.


The Royal Suite

The royal suite has a 78 meter infinity pool, an oversized circular bed, a massive dining room, and dining table built into the pool. The two story villa offers a private lawn perfect for yoga :)

royal suite conrad samui
conrad samui royal suite

The total for our weekend at the Conrad was a few hundred dollars because we splurged on massages and a really nice dinner. If you use your free nights as a gold member you can easily spend significantly less. Just have the free brunch then an early room-service dinner on your private deck. Other costs to consider are transportation to and from the hotel (~$45 each way) and food. That's it. You even get 2 free cocktails as a gold member and happy hour at sunset has a buy 1 get 1 free option. In many ways your 2 days here could cost less that in you stayed at a budget spot.


Getting in late? Don't waste a night! Stay at the $30 a night Centra Coconut hotel nearby. It is clean, right next to the Conrad, and allows you to maximize your two free nights. We frequently sandwich our luxury hotels like this to get the most out of them.

Included Breakfast

Another perk of being a gold member? Free breakfast in the morning. This beautiful buffet had the perfect salad bar complete with a bevy of greens and veggies, fresh fruit (papaya! Yum), and poached eggs to order. There was so much more than this - I just love all those things. Enjoy your breakfast while overlooking the glowing Thai Gulf.

conrad samui view

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