The Elegant Park Hyatt Buenos Aires (Palacio Duhau) Review

I stayed at the Park Hyatt Buenos Aires for my birthday and it truly did not disappoint. In fact, this is my all time favorite hotel I have stayed in. Over the 5 days I was there, I hardly left the hotel grounds! The rooms, the garden, the lobby - all so wonderful and nearly impossible to leave. This is my complete review of the beautiful and elegant Palacio Duhau

park hyatt buenos aires

The grounds:

I mean, this hotel is stunning. Once owned by the Duhau family in Buenos Aires, this mansion was inspired by the ChΓ’teau du Marais in Le Val-Saint-Germain. It was not until the last of the Duhau family passed that the old mansion was bought and created into the Park Hyatt we know (and love) today in 2002. You truly feel like you are in a tudor mansion - this dreamy place will take you back in time. I was glued to the bright green garden that divides the hotel's two buildings.

Park hyatt buenos aires
park hyatt buenos aires garden

The hotel garden is perfect for afternoon tea. On the evenings there is either live music, a live tango show, or a surprisingly good DJ. 

park hyatt BA garden
tango buenos aires park hyatt
park hyatt garden buenos aires

The room:

Clean, chic, and flawless. I love how beautifully and minimally these rooms are designed. True luxury is not ostentatious but rather minimal. Not to mention the fresh white beds are an absolute dream. 

Park Hyatt Buenos Aires room

The location:

Located in the heart of the beautiful Recoleta district it doesn't get much better than this. Not that you will ever want to leave the Park Hyatt, you have easy access to great (and healthy!) restaurants, are steps away from MALBA (Museum of Latin American Art), and a quick trip to Puerto Madera or Palermo. 

park hyatt buenos aires restaurant garden

The service: 

It is rare that I am truly blown away by service and here was an exception. I am a stickler about bad service given I come from parents that are restauranteurs and the Park Hyatt was beyond impressive. From the moment we checked in, to our butler service, to the exceptional maid service, everything was above and beyond. Kyle and I joked that we had ninja maids because we would leave the room for what felt like 2 seconds only to come back to a spotless little palace with shiny red apples bedside. 

park hyatt flowers buenos aires
park hyatt garden night buenos aires

The food:

Love love love the food here! Organic veggies and eggs for breakfast to an assortment of organic teas in the afternoon. Just wonderful. I tried to avoid them... but they even gave out homemade french macarons like candy when you get tea in the garden - the strawberry ones are dangerous! At least they are gluten free, right? Just try to stick to one of these! Something I failed to do.

park hyatt buenos aires macarons garden tea
palacio duhau garden

My birthday:

I had the best birthday of all time here. After Kyle and I returned from the Rojo Tango show, we came back to an oversized macaron cake in the room with a candle and birthday note. Such a nice surprise! About a bottle of wine deep I had more than I anticipated but, hey, it was my birthday...

park hyatt buenos aires birthday
park hyatt buenos aires birthday