Healthy Restaurants In Buenos Aires

You would think that one of the biggest (if not the biggest) meat capitals of the world would not have many vegan restaurants but think again. I was so relieved to find a decent selection of vegan, gluten free, and even organic restaurants in BA.

As you can imagine, it is no NYC or Sydney as far as being a health haven but it is more than easy to travel here and eat well while feeling your best. There is an abundance of raw green salads (yay!) that are ok to eat washed in the BA tap.

I would still watch out for any old whole in the wall. Luckily places that are organic or vegan typically are clean and safe. I will say what is lacking is an abundance of fibrous vegetables. You will mostly find greens, tomato, onion, corn, and maybe some squash if you’re lucky (load up on the squash if you do manage to find it and ask for no oil if you can). T

his is quite common throughout all South America in my experience. What you will find is a ton of bread, meat (of course), rice, and eggs. I suggest sticking to veggies and rice or eggs (if your diet allows). Always tell the waiter not to bring bread so you don’t feel tempted – especially in South America where it is everywhere and of poor quality.

Now for the specifics! Here is a list of my favorite restaurants in BA that are casual, vegan friendly, and mostly organic. These are intended to be everyday-type places that are reasonably priced. If you decided to go on the more gourmet side then finding healthy dishes is quite easy. That’s why I did the dirty work here :)

1. Bio Solo Organico: Vegan, 100% organic, GF options

This was a great find. I had an organic raw green salad with nut cheese along with a mushroom-rice dish – yum! It was the perfect dinner. They even used coconut oil to cook the mushrooms I noticed meaning no gross oils (like canola or corn) or low smoke point oils were used. Such a rare thing to find even in the U.S. This place is great for breakfast (smoothies), lunch or dinner. They even have a GF pizza (with vegan nut cheese) and GF empanadas so Kyle was quite pleased. Also available is a nice selection of biodynamic wines. The restaurant is located on a charming corner in the Palermo district. It was my favorite place in BA and I highly recommend trying it out.

 I forgot to say no croutons - no matter! Just eat around them

I forgot to say no croutons - no matter! Just eat around them

2. Le Pain Quotidien

Great organic salads with leafy greens, fibrous veggies, and organic eggs. Avoid the soups as they use canola oil...

3. Sintaxis 

A 100% gluten free restaurant. This spot is great for dinner because it is not the healthiest of the restaurants (given that gluten free bread usually has some less than desirable ingredients). I say this because it is a heavier meal and you wont feel ready to carpe that diem if you feel weighed down. Solution in this case is to just wait til there is no more diem to carpe! Sintaxis has a cute interior and is great if you are craving empanada type foods after seeing them all over BA. Try their veggie pie that is vegan and gluten free (ask for it vegan). Be sure to have a green salad before and pop an enzyme too.

sintaxis buenos aires

4. Factory Juice Bar

Maybe the best find of them all. Not all organic sadly but still has great smoothies, juices, and salads. Excellent breakfast and lunch spot.

factory juice bar

5. Park Hyatt

This beautiful hotel restaurant in the garden has organic seasonal vegetables, gluten free options, organic eggs, and plenty of vegan foods. This was my favorite food in BA.

park hyatt buenos aires garden restaurant


6. Buenos Aires Verde

An adorably bright green restaurant in the heart of Palermo that offers delicious organic vegetarian cuisine. A rock and go-to for healthy traveling. 


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