7 Things To Do In Buenos Aires

I had a hard time of where to even begin with this post. I just love this beautiful city. From shopping, to tango, to exploring famous historical sites - Buenos Aires is packed with activities. Here is a list of my top 7 favorite things to do in BA!

buenos aires tango park hyatt

1. Street Art:

I love street art. It may be my favorite form of art when done with the right intention (basically not unsightly graffiti tagged randomly throughout city streets). It is no wonder why I love Buenos Aires so much. The street art in this city is spectacular. Because BA is so big, it is hard to stumble upon all the best works (although very fun when you do!!). Check out buenosairesstreetart.com for complete information on street art. Here you can see where exactly the coolest spots are down to the exact streets, see the process of how different murals have been made, and book guided tours. Street art can tell so much about a culture – definitely a must.

2. Go to a tango show

The sultry tango originated in Argentina (or Uruguay - this is a heated debate I hear) and is famous for its passion and sense of drama. Argentina is known for having the best shows in the world complete with food and wine. All you need to do is show up! We went to the Rojo Tango show at the Faena Hotel for my birthday. Highly highly recommend. 

Rojo tango show faena hotel
faena buenos aires

3. Recoleta Cemetery 

The Recoleta cemetery is one of the most visited attractions in Buenos Aires. The main reason, aside from the uniquely designed "neighborhood" of extravagant tombs, is the the grave of the beloved political figure Eva "Evita" Peron. The controversial wife of ex-president General Peron was an actress turned political powerhouse - loved by the public. Her death caused an uproar after political activists tried to hide her body. Those found guilty were later executed and today her cherished tomb can withstand a nuclear bomb. 

4. Puerte De Las Mujeres - "Bridge of Women" 

The famous bridge in Puerto Madera is a footbridge that rotates for passing boats in the marina. The modern architecture and unique design provide a sweeping view of the skyline. Take a day trip to walk across it and check out Puerto Madera.

5. Barria La Boca

The La Boca district is known for its color. The cute little town is lined with multicolored houses and apartments that resemble toys. I suggest going early in the morning when there are less tourists.

6. Tea at the Park Hyatt garden

You may know by now I am obsessed with this Park Hyatt. If it isn't in your budget to stay there you must go for afternoon tea in the garden. It is simply magical! Try (try!) to avoid eating too many complimentary housemade french macarons (ahem strawberry is the best). 

park hyatt garden buenos aires tea

7. Take the ferry to Montevideo 

This was super easy. Kyle and I took a quick ferry over to Montevideo for some beach action on our trip. I was very surprised by both the easiness of the journey and coolness of Montevideo. I was craving a beach after all that city time! As a California native I can only go so long. Check out this post on Montevideo and Kyle's guide to the ferry ride over.