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Kyle Zuvella co-founded and is a main contributor of TFG.  In his own words...

I love traveling, but hate paying for it. So in 2011 I began applying for 15+ credit cards a year to earn frequent flyer miles. Since then, my credit score has risen past 800 and I have earned over 4,000,000 airline miles and hotel points.  

These points have helped fund unique experiences in 50+ countries all over the globe. Northern Europe and Africa are my favorite faraway places.

Mr. Free Miles

Previously, I built and managed the Mr. Free Miles website which was exclusively about earning frequent flyer miles. I started the website in February 2014 and within 14 months had reached 10,000 unique visitors per month. Mr. Free Miles was featured on PointsBuzz, David's Been Here, The Expeditioner and more.

Visa, Inc.

What made Mr. Free Miles successful was my four years previous at Visa, Inc. Working for the worlds largest payment network gave me an under-the-hood perspective on how rewards programs operate, what makes them profitable and things to be aware of as a cardholder. This experience, combined with a passion for travel, personal finance and writing, is what I share with you. 

Andrea Cortina co-founded and is a main contributor of TFG.  In her own words...

I love to explore, broaden my horizon, and feel as alive as possible. My greatest passions in life are travel, holistic healing, and nutrition. Born and raised in California, I moved to New York City after graduating college where I worked in the fashion industry.

Unhappy with my lifestyle there, I sold everything and quit my job to travel the world. This blog is my way of sharing my journey and travel stories with the world.

Natural Chef

I received my chef training from the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City. I use my knowledge to not only cook and create recipes but to sculpt a healthy diet and relationship with food. My philosophy incorporates principles of Macrobiotics, mostly plant-based foods, organic as much as possible, optimizing digestion, and being grateful always.


Class teacher; forever a student. NY-based and trained. Yoga is a means of making life easier, happiness more obtainable, and love infinite.